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Monday, August 29, 2005

Sage E-journals

Just a reminder that the U of C has access to the SAGE Full-Text Collection: Communication Studies. I have listed the titles below. SAGE has just added the new journal, Global Media and Communication. These journals can be accessed in a number of different ways.
  1. Do a search on the journal title in the library catalogue; or
  2. Do a search by journal name in Communication Abstracts.
  • Communication Research/, 1982-current
  • Discourse & Society/, 1990-current
  • Discourse Studies/, 1999-current
  • European Journal of CommunicationGazette/, 1997-current
  • Global Media and Communication/, 2005-current
  • Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics/,1996-current
  • Journal of Business and Technical Communication/,1991-current
  • Journal of Communication Inquiry/,1998-current
  • Journalism/, 2000-current
  • Management Communication Quarterly/, 1987-current
  • Media, Culture & Society/, 1985-current
  • New Media & Society/, 1999-current
  • Science Communication/, 1982-current
  • Television & New Media/, 2000-current
  • Visual Communication/, 2002-current
  • Written Communication/, 1984-current


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