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Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Database Trial - Community of Scholars

A new tools to try out. According to the producer, "Community of Scholars provides direct access to more than 1 million active researchers working in over 200 disciplines and 8 countries. Searches in Community of Scholars provide unparalleled exposure to the community currently studying a topic of interest. Exploring this living research community expands awareness and access to cross-disciplinary research perspectives, publications, research methodologies, expertise, and collaborative opportunity. With Community of Scholars, your faculty and students are directly connected to the community of scholarly research." The complete brochure is available at

I took a quick glance of the list for C&C and I think you're all there. You can go in and edit your profile if they got you wrong.

To access the trial, go to
Trial ends April 6, 2006.

Please send any comments to me or Chris.


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