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Monday, April 10, 2006

More ebooks - Oxford Scholarship Online

I have posted the core of Dr. Tania Smith's email describing her discovery of Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO), an e-book resource available at the U of C. You can also access OSO from the U of C Library web page through Research Databases, under O, as well as from the Communication Studies Subject Pages. OSO titles will be added to the library catalogue soon. Check out our post on another ebook collection, Academic Complete from Ebrary.

"FYI researchers--- this may save you time and money.

Over 1,100 books from Oxford UP (mainly in the areas of Economics & Finance, Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion) are available for FREE online from a U of C computer, or from your home computer via your library card password. Simply go to our library's online catalog and search for the title "Oxford Scholarship Online" and you will get the link.

I am sure I am not the only person in our faculty who didn't know about this treasure and would not have found out about it for years if I had not been lucky. I only found out about it yesterday when a colleague sent me a direct link to a specific book in this database. Our helpful librarians may have informed us on their blog, but I seldom go there unless I see an email about it and have some time, and even then I skim it very fast (sorry, Chris and Shauna, but it's true).

At present, **our U of C Library Catalogue will not tell you if we have online access to a book in this database.** Many of its books don't show up there.

I have discovered many Oxford UP books in this database that may have chapters useful to my research."


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