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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

PapersInvited Trial - feedback wanted

Looking to publish or present your research? A new source on trial can help you find a venue. From the site:

World's largest listing of Calls for Papers

PapersInvited was conceived and developed to assist researchers at all levels - scientists, professors, post-docs and students who are seeking publishing opportunities for their research papers. PapersInvited presents an exhaustive list of Calls for Papers issued by professional bodies, journal editors and other conference organizers in all disciplines. PapersInvited has become the preferred destination where conference organizers, journal publishers, researchers and academicians come together to issue and receive information resources that encourage presentation and publication of contemporary research

This is a 30-day trial. Please send you comments to me srutherf@ucalgary or Chris

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Interface Change

The following databases are now using the EBSCO interface. This is a great improvement over the old Biblioline search software and will be a welcome change for students who are likely already familiar with EBSCO from such popular products as Academic Search Premier and SOCIndex.

Family & society studies worldwide
Gender studies database

New Product - great for interdisciplinary research

Making of Modern Economy

Take this one for a drive and see that its much more then just Economics--combined with its sister database, "Making of Modern Law" it provides the essential documents that outline the creation of modern society. From women's rights, slavery, philosophy, to technology- its all here.

"The Making of the Modern Economy: Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature 1450-1850" provides digital facsimile images on every page of 61,000 works of literature on economic and business published from 1450 through 1850. Full-text searching on more than 12 million pages provides researchers unparalleled access to this vast collection of material on commerce, finance, social conditions, politics, trade and transport.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Factiva - New News Database at U of C

Introducing a new news database - Factiva. Lots of great features available. Factiva replaces the Carswell AllNews Product.

What makes the Factiva content set the best?
Nearly 9,000 sources from 152 countries in 22 languages, including more than 120 continuously updated newswires. And, more than 900 sources are available on or before the date of publication.

What are Factiva's Top Sources?
Think of a major city in the world, and Factiva has the local coverage you need: The Wall Street Journal; New York Times; USA Today; Singapore's Straits Times; The Australian; Hong Kong's South China Morning Post; India's Economic Times; The Times of London; Le Monde; Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung; Pakistan's Business Recorder; Japan's Nikkei Weekly and Nikkei Report; Indonesia's Jakarta Post; Thailand's Bangkok Post.

What key newswires does Factiva offer?
More than 120 continuously updating newswires, including the exclusive combination of Dow Jones, Reuters, and The Associated Press. Factiva offers more than 500 wires, including Asia Pulse, Dow Jones-VWD, Agence France Presse, Agencia EFE and other industry, press release, and local newswires.

What key newspapers does Factiva offer?
Same-day and archival coverage of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Globe and Mail, Financial Times, Les Echos, South China Morning Post, Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, Straits Times, Yomiuri Shimbun, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, The Irish Times and local newspapers from every corner of the globe.

What key television and radio transcripts does Factiva offer?
BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, NPR, and more.

What key magazines does Factiva offer?
General business and industry must-read publications like The Economist, Forbes, Fortune, Time, Newsweek, Finanz & Wirtschaft, Satellite News, BusinessWeek, Focus, L'Express, The Bulletin, Far Eastern Economic Review and more.

What other content is available through Factiva?
Pictures from Reuters and Knight-Ridder, company reports, historical market data, and Web content � all surfaced alongside regular publications in a single search.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Email notification for Library News weblog!

You can now receive notification of updates to the Library News for the Faculty of Communication and Culture weblog by email. Just enter your email at the bottom of the right hand column.

If you're interested in receiving notification as an RSS feed and want to know more about feed aggregators, let Chris or Shauna know and we'll come by and give you an overview.